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Do you know the type of turf you need to keep your garden looking healthy? Choosing the right grade of turf and the right type, can help you get the freshest looking lawn and garden. Finding the right solution for your lawn is important, as certain grasses or seed mixtures could be better for your garden than others.


At Glendale Turf in Lancashire and Blackpool, we will advise you on which types of turf would suit your garden. Don't worry about how much to turf purchase, our friendly team are happy to give their expert advice.

Turfs are divided into 3 categories:

  • Swardsman - A Grade: turf's fine graded and often used on golf fairways. It's a non-rye grass mix.

  • Olympic - B Grade: Our most popular turf. It's made using 15% rye grass mix, it has excellent appearance, is disease resistant, hard wearing and easily maintained.

  • Utility - C Grade: Our economy turf produced to the same high standard, often used by your novice gardener and is excellent value for money.

For help choosing the right type of turf for your garden, call Glendale Turf in Lancashire and Blackpool on

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Types of turfs to choose from:

Glendale Turf can calculate how much turf you will need, whether your lawn is rectangular, circular or an unusual shape. We can do a math calculation that will also add an extra 5% for cutting and waste. Call or email Glendale Turf so we can do the working out for you.

Not sure how much turf to order?

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