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When you decide to have turf laying in your garden, you need to be prepared with all aspects from watering to measuring.


At Glendale Turf, we understand that some people may have difficulty laying turf themselves. This is why we have a list of reputable landscapers available that can lay your turf quickly and efficiently.

It is important to follow these tips created by Glendale Turf to assist you in the preparation for laying your turf


  • Measuring: Make sure you accurately measure the area you will be laying the turf. Allow 5% for waste and trimming, and more if the area you are turfing is an irregular shape. Be sure to contact us if you need help calculating how much turf you will need.

  • Delivery: Make sure you arrange to have your turf delivered within a day or two of when you plan to lay your turf. Don't leave it rolled up for extended periods of time as turf is perishable.

  • Preparation: Always ensure the soil is flat and free from and gravel or stones before laying your turf. Avoid standing directly on the turf while you're laying it. If needs be use a plank of wood to walk across. Any joints or little gaps in your turf will all disappear after a few weeks of lawn growth.

  • Watering: Don't let your turf dehydrate, but don't over water it either.

  • General Care: Try to avoid walking on your turf for a few weeks after laying it until the gaps have grown together. If some of the turf has sunk carefully place a small amount of soil underneath. If any of the turf has lifted, carefully pin it down.


We know how busy you are, so call Glendale Turf in Lancashire and Blackpool for our list of reputable landscapers to lay your turf for you.

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Preparation is the key to a perfect lawn

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