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Ensure you're giving your lawn the right care and maintenance all year round. Follow Glendale Turf's expert advice on how to maintain a healthy lawn.

  • January and February: Remove any rubbish from your lawn and avoid walking over the turf if it is frozen or flooded.

  • March and April: Mow your lawn as your turf growth increases. Control any weed growth and feed your turf with lawn food. Patch any damaged areas with more turf.

  • May and June: Make sure you regularly water your lawn if there hasn't been much rainfall. Mow your lawn more regularly and re treat any weeds that are growing.

  • July and August: Keep watering your lawn and mow when you think it's needed.

  • September and October: Grass growth starts to slow down so don't mow your lawn quite as much. Make sure you feed your lawn with specific autumn food and repair any damages.

  • November and December: Remove any rubbish that may have gathered on your lawn. Mow the lawn only if it's still growing.

Follow Glendale Turf's expert advice and watch your new lawn flourish from year to year.

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Your lawn needs care and attention all year long to make the most of your investment. Call Glendale Turf in Lancashire and Blackpool for more information on products to keep your lawn healthy and more advice on lawn care.

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